A monochromatic room—bold, eye-catching, unabashedly intentional—is the opposite of timid. But for those just straying from a poly-chromatic path, the thought of actually creating one can be downright intimidating.

Where to start? 

Start small.

For monochromatic newcomers, a small space—like a bathroom—can be an ideal starting ground. Less daunting than, say, a living or dining room, a bathroom’s diminutive dimensions benefit from a clean, monochromatic scheme. Using one color is calming, and generally, it’s nice to have a bathroom feel somewhat Zen. Sometimes, incorporating too many other colors can make a small space feel busy.

Think texture – times ten.

The number is texture. The variation in texture keeps the color from falling flat—though the brazen tone helps with that, too. Using strong colors in this way is no different than creating an all-white room or a room using variations of beige or gray and sometimes the richer and deeper the color, the more relaxing it is.

Pay attention to details.

White may seem like the easiest option when it comes to committing to a color (or lack thereof), but it often presents more challenges. When you remove all color from a space, texture, tone, and lines become so much more important. To add personality to a simplified palette, zeroed in on the room’s smaller details, right down to the reflection of light on its polished nickel hardware.

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