Make a splash with your next new project or remodel with Spazio Marble & Granite, one of the largest and most renowned suppliers of marble and granite in West Palm Beach. Owner and experienced high-end natural stone distributor, Ron Chavez, has imported a beautiful collection of Quartzite slabs, which includes: Cristallo, Amazonite, Swiss White, Pacific Blue, Taj Blue, and Jasmine, and is available for viewing at their West Palm Beach showroom during normal business hours. The video below goes into a visual detail of the newest selection of marble that will be sure to illuminate any bathroom remodel, accent wall, or project that you have in mind.

Transcribed Video Content:

Hello. Hello, Spazio Marble fans. Good morning, Ron here. I’m gonna show you some amazing new materials we brought in last month. Here, we have this beautiful, beautiful Cristallo, 3cm quartzite, 135 inches by 80. It’s a really, really rare block, probably a very, very small percentage of the quarry comes in this quality. This one is an absolute gem. Some people even ask if this color is natural: absolutely. Totally a natural color that comes out of mother nature. This mixture, its colors here just show you that there’s no better artist than mother nature. This is called Amazonite. Another quartzite we brought in is this beautiful blue mist, real subtle, real wavy looking, you know? It’s got a little bit of a beach feel to it, absolutely gorgeous, take a look. So when I saw this material, I absolutely had to bring it in, you know? You know, everybody wants white, but I just thought it had so much character, that I had to bring this material. It’s a marble called Swiss. Whites. It almost looks like glass when you’re looking at it, beautiful, beautiful material, and at the same time, it’s warm. Now, this one has been an absolute hit since it came in. A lot of pieces have been sold already. A lot of clients have been telling us that it looks like if you’re flying over a bunch of sand dunes, that’s the effect and the look they get from it, and they’re absolutely stunned by it.Pacific Blue Quartzite, look at this beautiful piece. Colors are beautiful, a really well-balanced slab. The, the movement is perfect. No blemishes, everything is first, first quality about it. Perfect for kitchen countertops, wall features, bathrooms, everything for indoors, you name it. So everybody knows Taj Mahal Quartzite, however, pretty sure you don’t know, Taj Blue. Taj Blue, it was a really, really rare block, from the same mountain range as Taj Mahal, that I found very, very interesting and I had to bring it in. I probably will not see a block like this in 5 or 10 years, you know? I just thought it was very special, beautiful striking colors, and just had to bring it in. Amazing, amazing, amazing mixture of colors in here. So, this is a brand new material that just started being quarried. Very small quarry, very small production, and Spazio is the first official importer of this material. Jasmine Quartzite, little bit of golds and greens, a hint of gray, beautiful mixture of colors in there, and a nice, beautiful, balanced pattern in the slab.