After two decades in the natural stone industry, Ron Chavez, VP, and natural stone importer and purchaser of Spazio Marble, is introducing their new Spazio Quartz Collection to their high-end and luxury stone repertoire.

Unlike natural stone, the collection is engineered and envisioned to be forever evolving, staying in touch with the latest trends, styles, and color palettes; this allows us to best serve our clients for their next home remodel, office renovation, or accent of wall installation. Our inventory currently holds over 32 unique styles and an inventory of thousands of slabs in both our West Palm Beach and Stuart, FL, choice of style is something we like to provide in abundance.

Transcription: What’s up Spazio Marble fans, Ron Chavez here, VP and purchaser of Spazio Marble. We have big, big news for you guys today. We’re launching our brand new website with our Spazio Quartz Collection. We have over 32 different colors in stock, and we’re going to be stocking over 4,000 slabs at all times. Our main goal is to also keep up with the latest trends, designs, and colors, so the line never gets stagnant. Check us out at