Looking for Granite or Marble in West Palm Beach or Stuart? Customers have access to two massive showrooms at both locations. The aisles of stone slabs are extensive and adding to their showroom is a varied collection of hone finished slabs.

What is a hone finish? Listen to Ron talk about the look, color and style hone can bring to your home.

6 benefits of a Hone finished Quartzite, Marble, or Granite stone slab.

1) Durability: Honed marble is a solid and durable surface that is resistant to scratches and chips.

2) Low Maintenance: Honed marble does not show scratches as easily as polished marble and is easier to clean.

3) Aesthetic appeal: Honed marble has a smooth, matte finish that adds a classic and sophisticated look to any space.

4) Versatility: Honed marble comes in a variety of colors and patterns, making it a versatile material that can match many different design styles.

5) Resale value: Honed marble can add value to your home and increase its resale value.

6) Hypoallergenic: Marble is a naturally hypoallergenic material, making it ideal for use in homes where allergies or sensitivities are a concern.

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Transcribed Video: “Spazio Marble fans, welcome back. Today we’re gonna be talking about materials that come with a hone finish. A little bit different than your polish finished materials – hone materials will give you more of a classic look, give you a matte finish, and they’re a lot less prone to stains. So let me show you a couple of the materials that we have brought in with this hone finish. It’s called Dover White from Namibia in the continent of Africa, and it has that beautiful hone finish, it’ll give you a very, very natural look it has as a white background and hues of greys and blues. Calacatta Sky, quarried from the south of Brazil, it is actually a dolomitic marble with a hone finish. Venatino Honed Quartzite, so the Venatino has a very warm background, it’s like a mixture of whites, greens, and blues – you wanna cozy up your project, and give a little bit of that coastal feel, this is the perfect material for that. Calacatta Vagli, another beauty with the hone finish, so this material comes from Italy, from the Carrara Mountains, another one that will give you a very, very natural look – an absolute beauty.”