When designing or remodeling your dream home, Spazio Marble has endless stone options for you to choose from. Ron Chavez, VP and natural stone purchaser of Spazio Marble, displays a few selections of new stones available in the West Palm Beach marble showroom. These unique and beautiful stones grant you freedom to design your home exactly the way you imagine it; from classic, clean looks to exotic statement pieces, Spazio Marble has it all. Five new stone styles for your next home remodel in 2023: Cristallo Crystal Quartz Blue Quartzite, Pacific Moon Quartzite, Alpinus Granite, Alpinus Super Cryztal Granite, California Sunset Quartzite.

(Transcribed video below)

What’s up, Spazio Marble fans. It’s a beautiful day here in South Florida, in our West Palm Beach marble showroom, and I’m gonna show you some of the most beautiful gems we brought in, in the last couple weeks. So let’s start off with this Cristallo Crystal Quartz Blue; beautiful, amazing material, super translucent. This can be used for kitchen countertops, vanity tops, walls, islands. You can backlight the material, which the material looks amazing when it’s backlit. It totally changes, you know. Here it is, the book match, as you can see. The symmetry is amazing, but one of my favorite materials whenever I find a good block, which is very hard to find perfect symmetrical block with beautiful, balanced colors, is the Pacific Moon Quartzite. We brought it in a two cm version, beautiful big slabs, very symmetrical, amazing colors and very 3D looking too. Probably be very nice in a contemporary or very modern projects.

So a lot of people tend to think that granite, is a material that’s out of style. Some are, some are not. Look at this beautiful piece of Alpinus Granite. It could be used in projects and still have a very, very modern contemporary and up to date look. [There is] a lot of warm colors, a lot of crystals, and mica, and also from the same quarry, there’s a small percentage of the material called Alpinus Super Cryztal. Follow me and I’ll show you what that looks like. So believe it or not, this material comes from the same exact quarry as the Alpinus, and it’s called Super Cryztal because it has a huge chunk of crystal in it. When this material is back lit, it’s probably one of the most amazing materials I’ve ever seen in the back lit applied project. So my last sourcing trip, I came across this beauty. This was the first block out of the quarry and it really caught my attention. It’s very, very different than, you know, what most people are sourcing nowadays, and it’s very different from what I source nowadays. It really reminded me of a sunset. So since I was the first one to source the material, I named it too, it’s called California Sunset. It’s got very, very vibrant colors, it has a huge, huge impact on any project that you want to use it on.